How to Become a Software Developer From Scratch



    • Be eager to learn about software development!


    Structure of the Course

    1. In the first module we will start with talking about IT industry in general.

    2. In the second module we will talk about our daily work – how we work in teams and how important teamwork is.

    3. In the third module we will together set up a complete local development environment, and demo a sample enterprise-class web application – all to give you this impression of how it actually looks like.

    4. In the fourth module we will have an introduction to the most essential technologies: programming in Java, Spring enterprise framework, frontend development (JavaScript and Angular), version control systems, databases, networks and infrastructure.

    5. In the fifth module we will go through couple of more advanced topics, to inspire you and to give you strong foundation to further developing your skills.

    6. We will finish this course with couple of practical tips about job interviews, sample tasks that you might expect on your first days at a new job, and couple of learning tips.

    What You Should Expect

    ✔ Nearly 13 hours of video content split into 6 modules

    ✔ Holistic view of IT industry and enterprise software development

    ✔ Exercises, coding tasks and coding screencasts that demonstrate many of the technical concepts in practice

    ✔ Straightforward explanations of many of the fundamental techniques and principles illustrated with animated slides

    ✔ Technologies: Java, Spring, JavaScript, Angular, Git, PostgreSQL, Docker

    What You Should Not Expect

    ✔ This is not a strictly programming course.

    In case you want to learn programming A to Z, for example in Java, this is not the course for you. However, this course will explain many of the fundamental techniques and will teach you how you can further study the technologies that we are covering in this course to become a professional software developer.

    ✔ This course is not for Mac users.

    I assume that you have a PC with Windows operating system. In case you own a Mac, you will still benefit from most of the explanations and most of the exercises and all of the coding tasks. However you will not be able to directly repeat all the steps of local development environment setup. Also running a sample system will be even more challenging. Unfortunately I will not help you in case of a Mac.

    Who this course is for:

    • Aspiring software developers who want to plan their career and understand IT industry landscape – with the focus on web applications developed for enterprises.
    • Students of programming languages before their first IT job. In this course we focus on Java (Spring) for the backend and JavaScript (Angular) for the frontend.
    • Junior software developers who want to understand what skills are required to become senior, professional software developers.

    Course Curriculum

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